Solar Water Heating Systems for your home or business

Posted: 29 May 2014

One of the most effective steps you can take in reducing your power usage is to install an Alpha Energy Solar Water Heating System for your home or business. Solar water heating is the obvious place to start first, its unobtrusive on your roof and above all Solar water heating will give you your biggest saving for lesser start up cost.

Alpha Energy supply a avariety of solar water heating systems made in Italy, Germany, Ireland and China:

  • If you want solar water heating thermosyphon systems with no pumps, ask us, we have it.
  • If you want split systems, ask us, we have them. 
  • If you want to retro a solar water heatingsystem to your existing cylinder, ask us, we can do it,
  • If you want to upgrade your hot water cylinder and install a solar water heating system, ask us, we will do it for you,
  • If you want the latest in evacuated tube or flat plate solar water heating systems, ask us, we have it.
  • If you want to reduce your power for hot water by 75% plus annualy, ask us, we can do it.

I get the "Payback time" question asked all the time, i respond with, "lets put this in its true perspective and look at "Return on investment".

The average family spends $2400 per year on power(9000kw), 40% of that is your hot water bill($972) I can save you 75% of that..your hot water bill is now down to ($243) per year, down from $972, your net savings is $729 or 16% ROI based on a system cost of $4500.00, the banks will give you $180 @4% less tax, net investment return is 3% or $135.

I ask you now, where is the best investment that you can put your money? Answer - in your own home.
Invest in yourself and in your family..GO SOLAR! It makes $$$ and sense.

For more indepth information on "how solar water heating works" call Tony on +64 272299388.


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