Solar Heat your swimming pool, the clean, green, affordable way

Posted: 20 March 2014

Alpha Energy has a Solar Pool Heating solution for you.

We solar heat from school pools, right through to Olympic size pools, we do this using the awesome German made...(not Chinese made) ALPHA OKU solar pool heating system.

When sizing your pool for solar heating, we go by your pool surface area and we average the depth to 1.5m, One x  1 square meter Alpha OKU solar pool heating panel will heat 2 square meters of your pool, that means only 50% of your pool surface area is needed in solar array on your roof..small and discreet, if any other company tells you they can do the same thing and still achieve 100% of heating your pool, its not true.

Fixing is very simple, a home handy man can do it.  The Alpha OKU has a 25+ year plus lifespan unlike rubber solar matts with less than half that.

What does it cost to run a 550w pump? About $18 per MONTH
What does it cost to run a hot water heat pump? Up to $12 PER DAY

The cost to purchase a Alpha OKU Solar Pool Heating System is generally cheaper to buy than a heat pump, and certainly much more cheaper to run, let alone considering maintenance costs.

Look at it this way, if its cool outside do you really want to swim in your heated pool? Probably not, but with a heat pump your forced to keep it running through those cooler summer days, so the pool is hot enough for when your next ready to swim. 

I agree that solar heating cannot do it all year round. But the beauty about solar pool heating, is when its warm outside, your solar pool heating system is working at the same time that you want to swim...perfect synergy.


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