The History of Alpha Energy (The brand)

Tony RyanAlpha Solar New Zealand(2005) now Alpha Global Imports Ltd (2015) was established by Tony Ryan in New Zealand to introduce the latest solar heating technology from Italy, Germany, Brazil, Norway and China to the new generation of solar friendly New Zealanders, Tony's experience in the heating industry is 35 years as a plumber, so design knowledge through to installation is no issue for Tony and his team

Interest in the Alpha Energy solar hot water, solar power and solar pool heating products was immediate, Kiwis recognised quality when they saw it, without the doubt or fear that Alpha Energy products do exactly what they are advertised to do, now the full range of products offered by Alpha Energy is complete.

Experienced New Zealand distributors quickly realised the huge benefits of using quality european and asian products, especially the Italian made evacuated tube Alpha KT Solar hot water heating collectors, the German made Alpha OKU solar pool heating system and the Norwegian made OSO electric hot water cylinder to name a few.

Alpha Energy today

The Alpha HP is the latest addition to the Alpha Energy solar range in 2012, a quality solar water heater that is mainly aimed at the retrofit market but also perfect for new housing, is affordably priced to suit the financial needs of all kiwis wanting solar water heating.

The Alpha OKU solar pool heating panels are still the number one seller for heating New Zealand swimming pools, they are so powerful that they are being used to heat public and school swimming pools!..lots of happy young kiddies learning to swim in heated pools

Additionally the ECO friendly OSO all in one stainless steel electric hot water cylinder is to be introduced to New Zealand in March 2018, this amazing cylinder has all its valves pre-fitted which means install time is slashed from 4 hours to 45 minutes, the added benefits are no wasting of upto 8 litres a ady of water on heat up cycle due to the pre-installed expansion vessels and the OSO cylinders ability to absorb more pressure and heat.  WATCH this space

Now with the advent of the full range of ENERGY appliances and products on offer from Alpha Energy, you can save money, and help the planet at the same time by reducing your carbon footprint when you choose to purchase a Alpha Energy solar renewable product, or you have bought a energy effiecient appliance..every little bit helps. With families and businesses more concerned than ever about rising energy costs and less water being available for hydro generation ...

By using the free and limitless power of the Sun you help reduce our nation’s dependence on fossil fuels to generate electricity. This helps you, the environment and more importantly the health of future New Zealanders.

We are passionate about supplying the South Pacific with the latest solar water heating technology, Alpha Energy believes all renewable energy products and appliances should be CLEAN - GREEN AND AFFORDABLE and stand for quality, high efficiency now and into the future.


Why choose Alpha Energy?

  • Affordable energy solutions
  • Highly efficient European and Asian products
  • Vastly experienced in the heating industry
  • A wealth of knowledge from design through to installation
  • Domestic & commercial solar energy solutions


What our customers say:


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